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PSG: the Ultras Paris Collective elected a new president

The Ultras Paris Collective (CUP) gathered its office this Sunday evening, a few days after the surprise departure of its president Romain Mabille. At the end of this meeting, the Virage Auteuil group, with 3,000 members, appointed Nicolas Boffredo to replace it.

“The entire Bureau and members of the CUP would like to thank Romain for all of his achievements, his unlimited investment and the passion that he has always put into it in the interest of all PSG supporters” , explains the ultras group, welcoming the successes of its presidency. “Ultra culture has returned to the Parc des Princes, dialogue has been renewed with the club and an agreement with it has been signed, more popular prices have been negotiated and the Hechter jersey has returned. “

The CUP also draws the roadmap for its successor, Nicolas Boffredo, nicknamed “Bobo” and also from the K-Soce Team, one of the main groups of the association: “It is up to him to continue this work and to consolidate the unity between all the groups that make up the CUP. The new president is one of the well-known figures of the association, where he has been present since its creation in 2016.

“The door will always be open to Romain”

Romain Mabille, officially appointed president a few weeks after the creation of the CUP at the beginning of 2016, announced his departure in a message on Instagram: “For a few weeks, I had already taken a step back. […] There are a lot of things that I no longer share within the CUP and PSG. My frankness and my values ​​push me to make this choice. Some of his relatives did not despair in recent days to make him change his mind within a few months.

“The door to our association and our turn will always be open to Romain in the role he wishes to occupy”, specifies the CUP.

The Ultras Paris Collective had announced, even before the reduction of the gauge at the Parc des Princes to 1,000 people, that it preferred to withdraw as the health situation did not allow it to express itself in a more usual register.

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