PSG: what to do with this very dear Jesé?

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His presence at Camp des Loges is somewhat surreal. For more than a month, Jesé Rodriguez has been hitting the ball well with his PSG teammates. All while waiting for a way out, which should not open until next winter. It’s no secret that four years after arriving from Real Madrid, Jesé is having the worst sporting seasons of his career. The 27-year-old Spanish winger has never found his place in Paris (14 appearances in official matches in 2016, 2 in 2019, 1 in 2020).

The former international (5 caps) and great hope of Real Madrid also multiplies the failures abroad during the various loans in Las Palmas (2017), Stoke City (2017-2018), Betis Sevilla (2019) and Sporting Portugal (2019-2020). A catastrophic record for a player bought 25 million euros and whose monthly salary exceeds 400,000 euros gross. The expenses of the PSG, which always kept a support for the emoluments of the player during his loans, are considerable if we reduce them to the sporting contribution of the player.

But the reality is there. “It’s hard to believe, but Jesé is indeed a PSG player. It is available to the coach, ”says one around the Parisian locker room. The sports management, however, sought solutions until the end of the transfer market, on October 5. A Spanish club was particularly evident at the end of the transfer window. Elche, looking to stay in La Liga this season. As for Betis Seville or Las Palmas before him, the promoted led the following reflection: “Jesé could interest us, says a leader. But it remains a very risky bet. Even if PSG agreed to release him for free, it is not certain that he wants to forget his last year of salary. “

As often in this situation, contacts are mobilized throughout Europe to try to place the player. “It would have been a bit of a panic buying, explains a European leader, to whom Jesé was offered in the past at the end of the transfer window. An agent offered it to us, but we had to decide quickly and we said no to the opportunity. “

“He’s like new”, proclaims his physical trainer

Even in his native country, Jesé’s rating is at its lowest. She only survives thanks to this very fictitious status of great fallen hope, winner of two Champions League with Real Madrid. At the end of the summer, the Spaniard appeared in a documentary made for the daily Marca. “It’s like new,” proclaims his physical trainer Bernardo Requena. “All the things in his life that were messy are put away now,” added former Real Madrid doctor Jesus Olmo. A rupture of the cruciate ligaments, a child born very prematurely, a difficult separation …

Jesé Rodriguez and his wife Aurah Ruiz on the day of his presentation to the club, August 8, 2016. LP / Arnaud Dumontier

“I had a lot of problems, admits the main person in this documentary. I kept everything inside of me, I’m not going to deny that I was not well. What I need now is an opportunity where I can be happy while playing. I need a club where I will be made to play 30 games. “A wish that will be difficult to achieve at PSG, despite the Lensois quarter of an hour (1-0) at the start of the season and its presence in the group against Metz (1-0) or Angers (6-1).

Thomas Tuchel does not count on him but does not exclude him from the group for all that. Jesé continues to train for this claimed chance. While waiting to be able to leave Paris permanently this winter or on June 30, 2021, at the end of his contract.

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