Reconfinement: the mayors are taking action to support local businesses

The anger of the traders is organized and they have found weighty allies with the support of many elected officials. With the closure of so-called “non-essential” shops due to the new containment measures, all fear the death of small downtown businesses, especially as, at the same time, supermarkets, DIY stores, garden centers or sales platforms in distance can them continue to sell.

From Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales), Brive (Corrèze), Chalon-sur-Saône (Saône-et-Loire), Aubusson (Creuse), Migennes (Yonne) to Clichy via Fâches-Tumesnils (North), all these municipalities took orders on Friday authorizing the opening of non-food businesses in their city.

“I cannot bring myself to the eventuality that a city like Aubusson loses, at the end of confinement, half or more of its shops”, writes Michel Moine, mayor for nearly 20 years of this sub-prefecture of Creuse. .

There are many arguments to justify these decrees: fewer people at the checkout than in supermarkets, therefore less risk of contamination, the breach of equality between small shops and large brands …

The association of mayors of France has also stepped up to the plate, in a press release. “The criteria having led to distinguish the shops of first necessity, mentioned by the Prime Minister, and the others, are obviously difficult to justify with regard to the application which is made of them concretely”, begins the association, before to indicate that “François Baroin and André Laignel ask the government to quickly review the definition of essential trade and to broaden it, since health security conditions make it possible to preserve the health of traders, their employees and their clients. “

The mayors also received the support of several parliamentarians, including the majority. In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Jean Castex on Friday, deputies Stéphane Travert the former Minister of Agriculture of Edouard Philippe, Jean-Claude Leclabart, Eric Girardin, Bruno Questel, Jean-Jacques Bridey (LREM), Thierry Benoit and Sophie Auconie (UDI and Independents), quite simply ask for a reopening of these businesses, “in strict compliance with barrier gestures and distancing measures”.

Except that all these orders are in principle illegal and the prefectures have already asked the mayors to withdraw these orders. Not sure that this is enough …

This grumbling by traders could indeed quickly gain momentum, as in Italy. “The professionals are at their wits end, the base is desperate. Those who say they no longer have anything to lose are preparing to demonstrate, ”says Didier Chenet, president of the GNI (former Synorcat), the national union of hoteliers, restaurateurs, cafetiers and caterers, also at a standstill.

In Toulouse as in Lyon, invitations to gather are exchanged under the mantle. According to local CPME lifts, in Brittany as in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, traders are calling for action. “When they take to the streets, it will be too late,” said Jean-Eudes du Mesnil of the CPME.

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