Renaud Muselier calls on the government to avoid “total re-containment”

Do not repeat “the mistakes of the past”. This is what Renaud Muselier, president (LR) of the South region and boss of Regions of France, calls for. While the epidemic is worrying again in a large part of the country, the possibility of resorting to containment is again raised to stop the spread of the virus. But also worries elected officials. Asked this Sunday, the Secretary of State for digital, Cédric O, suggested on the subject that “anything is possible” and that no scenario can be ruled out.

“If there is a re-containment, it cannot be total,” Renaud Muselier explains to Le Parisien. In March, we were blind to the epidemic. If the government decides to do the same thing again, that will show that it has learned nothing, ”continues the elected Republicans. According to him, it would then be important to “preserve the essential”: the economy, culture and education.

“Do we have to close the high schools again, when some kids haven’t seen a classroom since March?” We risk creating a sacrificed generation, ”continues Muselier, who has already ordered 50,000 antigenic tests for the beginning of November for high schools, in order to allow them to remain open while controlling the epidemic as much as possible. The southern region has also ordered more than 150,000 masks and some 20,000 other tests, in order to distribute them to businesses and the world of culture, to help them stay open, always in strict compliance with sanitary conditions. Teleworking should also be strongly encouraged as soon as possible.

An “eco-compatible” containment

Lille academics, specialists in public health, explained in Le JDD on Sunday that it was possible to set up an “eco-compatible” containment, trying to preserve the economic fabric as much as possible. And not including the closure of schools. In addition, the track of so-called “local” reconfigurations for a region or a department seems to be gaining ground. A possibility which echoes in particular the calls of many elected officials during the first wave to “regionalize” the management of the epidemic in order to avoid, for example, to reconfine territories less affected than others.

The fact remains that the epidemic is starting again strongly, especially in Ile-de-France and in the Marseille region. The government will have to arbitrate in the next ten days if the curfew seems to be able to contain this second wave and allow hospitals to hold out. Or whether it will be necessary to reconfine – and in what way.

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