RN: Jordan Bardella contracted Covid-19

“Unfortunately, no one is immune. The vice-president of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella, contracted the coronavirus and had to give up a trip to the United States where he planned to support, with other European parliamentarians, Donald Trump in the home stretch of his campaign presidential.

Despite his young age, 25 years old, the number 2 of the RN felt violent symptoms from last Saturday: “Very big fever”, aches, headache and compressed chest. Sunday, worried and “very out of breath”, he went to the emergency room of the Pompidou hospital in Paris where he followed a battery of examinations before being able to return to his home where he is assigned for ten days.

“I understand the seriousness of the disease”

“It shatters, no one is immune,” says the young MEP who has not lost his taste or smell. “It’s like a big big flu. When I see the violence of the thing on someone of 25, I understand the seriousness of the disease, ”continues the RN executive who also had to cancel all his media interventions as well as another trip to Nice where he wanted to pay tribute in front of the basilica to the victims of the attack.

It remains to be seen whether the MEP was able to transmit the disease to other elected officials or collaborators while he visited the European Parliament in Brussels during the last week. “I will warn all the people I saw in the week so that they can be tested,” he says. If he participated in an executive office Monday, October 26 with Marine Le Pen, he did not meet the president of the RN in the days preceding the onset of his symptoms.

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