Rugby: Beauvais learns in pain

Beauvais hoped to bounce back on Sunday against Périgueux. It was not the case. Stalled in the middle of a very difficult three-game block, after the rout in Rennes (51-10) and before the trip to the leader Niort on Sunday, the showdown between promoted to Federal 1 escaped (6-25) at BRC.

The hard learning of the level?

The mine of Faraj Fartass spoke volumes about the disappointment of Beauvais on Sunday. “They came to us, they gave us 30 points, scours the center, and then they sang on our field. It does not go through. »A frustration that tastes bitter from the hard learning of the level. “It was to be expected a little, advance Esteban Devich, the forward coach. Seeing the calendar when it was published, I knew … In three weeks, you move to Rennes, Niort, and you receive Périgueux, it stings. We are not far from the level, but we are not there yet. “

In the meantime, the Beauvaisiens know they have to hang on. “Three defeats in 4 games played, it’s hard, embarrassed Jean-Pierre Lalloz, the rear coach. We have to mentally manage not to let go. “” I much prefer a championship like that rather than something that we fly over, indicates the second row and captain Rémi Lebréquier. If we had stayed in Federal 2, I don’t think we would have really enjoyed ourselves. There at least we have what we wanted. There is a challenge in front. “

“The Federal 1 is much more muscular, it’s pro”, analyzes Olivier Lenormant, president of Beauvais

What is Beauvais missing?

The BRC inflated its workforce in the offseason. Heavier, bigger, stronger. But it is undoubtedly still insufficient in front of the strong arms of the hen. “In front, we see that we are moving, we will have to work, analyzes President Olivier Lenormant. The Federal 1 is much more muscular, it has nothing to do with it, it’s pro. “We are a little far from Federal level 1 on the engagement in combat zones, where we are caught,” says Esteban Devich.

Despite the “gulf” between the two divisions, which Olivier Lenormant recognizes that “is bigger than he imagined”, the players remain confident. “There is not much missing in the end,” considers Rémi Lebréquier. Mistakes pay for themselves in this championship, but we can play our cards. “

Should we be worried?

The answer is clearly no for the Beauvaisiens, even if the team is today 9th in pool 1 (out of 12) with only one victory, on September 27 (3rd day) against the promoted Marcq (16-13). “We still have a very tough match at Niort, and then we’ll start our own championship,” warns Olivier Lenormant. Against Floirac (Editor’s note: November 7, 7th day), we will not have the right to lose this match! You have to work, but you must not panic. Our goal is to maintain, learn and get closer to the best as quickly as possible. We are in a hen with only one descent. We have a pretty good team, I’m not too worried. “

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