Ségolène Royal considers that “some cartoons of Mohammed are insulting”

She understands that some “feel insulted” by caricatures of Muhammad. But for all that, Ségolène Royal believes that we should not change French law on freedom of expression.

“I think some [caricatures] are insulting, ”said the former socialist presidential candidate, in an interview with CNews, pointing to “pornographic caricatures”. The former minister says “understands” that “some feel insulted, including Muslims who are absolutely neither fundamentalists nor radicals”.

A position reminiscent of that of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: at the end of October, he had defended freedom of expression while considering that it was “not without limits” and should not “injure in an arbitrary and unnecessary way »Some communities.

Commenting on the interview with Mr. Macron at the Online Review The Great Continent, Ségolène Royal said he shared the vision of the president, who declared that France “was not going to change” its right to freedom of expression “because it shocks elsewhere”.

However, she believes that Emmanuel Macron “made a mistake, no doubt under the influence of emotion […] because he said I will continue with the cartoons ”, during the ceremony in tribute to Samuel Paty, professor of history and geography savagely assassinated on leaving his college in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. Mr. Macron had subsequently defended “the right to caricature”.

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For Ségolène Royal, a head of state “continues with freedom of expression but not with the cartoons that hurt millions of people around the world”. She says she is “not for the ban on cartoons”, without “condoning them, to say that cartoons are good”.

Ms. Royal also expressed “her support for threatened people” on social networks, like the young Mila, again the target of insults and death threats in reaction to a new controversial video on the Islam of the Isère teenager already worried in January for a similar publication.

“We must identify them [auteurs des menaces] and condemn them very severely ”asked Ségolène Royal. She believes that we must stop “relaunching a controversy that has endangered it”, referring to the front page of the weekly Le Point of October 15, 2020 which headlined “The Mila Affair”.

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