Sexual violence in judo: “He took me to the storage room …” the edifying testimony of a victim

C. was 13 when the then her judo teacher raped her. It was ten years ago. Last June, she asked her mother to come and confessed to her an ordeal lasting several months. “I told him, you had doubts, I’ll tell you everything. The next day, a complaint was filed. From corroborating sources, three other complaints were filed against J. In total, two for rape (this is the case of C.), two for acts of sexual assault. Arrested, J. was indicted in September and placed under judicial supervision. He remains presumed innocent. The clubs in which he worked did not report the very serious facts to the French Judo Federation. Contacted by us, it ensures that it will put in place “the necessary actions”.

C. told us her story, that of a young teenager who dreamed of being a champion. The voice trembles, the emotion is palpable but C. is determined. “The lock has jumped, what held me back until then was the silence, it was broken, so I will go to the end. “His ordeal begins at the start of the 2010 school year, with the arrival of a new teacher in his judo club. Very quickly, he “takes it in hand” and sends text messages. “Harmless” things. ” How are you ? What did you eat this morning? Quickly other questions. ” Do you have a boyfriend ? Are you wearing a thong? Are you a virgin ”“ I told her I was 13 years old. He told me that if I didn’t answer he wouldn’t register me for the next competition. »During a fight on the ground, J.’s hand gets lost in the teenager’s bra. “I thought of an accident. “

“We were united in suffering and in tears”

That year, C. joined a sports studies section in a new college. “He said to me, I have friends over there, they will take care of you.” »Lessons until 3 pm then training with the section… and new training with J.« 5 or 6 hours of judo per day. Almost to exhaustion.

J. is not a section coach but comes to pick up students in the evening to take them to club training. A different club every evening, J. teaching in several structures. “He had formed a group of 5 young judokas, we had practically no contact with the other students, we were the team high-level athletes, everyone wanted to be in our place… And yet, we were going through hell. “The sessions are brutal: blows in the shoulder or face, blood constrictions until fainting, fall off the mat, submissions, hands in bras for C.” We were united in suffering and in tears . “

J. picks up C. from college for training, then brings her back. “He was kissing me with his tongue… I’ve never been able to take this from another man since.” I was 13 years old, my first contact with a man was him. “

SMS from morning to night

“Sometimes on Sundays he would pick me up from my house for training, in the car, he would do what he had to do. Other times he waited to be in the room. He was telling me : you’re all alone, we’re going to do a hug randori. He dared to say that I liked it, repeated to me: you realize at your age you have a female body, you are well formed… ”C. remembers his head“ stuck against the lockers of the locker room ”, his“ feet which no longer touched the ground ”, the strength of the one who weighed much more than 100 kg and the bruises which sometimes appear on his face. “My parents were worried, they got annoyed with all these text messages that came even during the holidays. But the young girl is silent. “J. repeated that my parents did not take care of me …”

Sobs in his voice, C. recounts how J. sometimes asked “his team, his soldiers” to come to the recreation center where he supervised children. “He made us do exercises, if I hurt, he would take me to the storage room and put his stuff in my mouth. This cubicle, I could draw it… What gnawed at me was thinking of those children who were not far away… ”

The coach, the one to be called “my darling”, is omnipresent. “Text messages from morning to night. And sometimes during lessons he would send a message: I’m here. I didn’t see him, but he was there, in a hallway of my college… ”One of her friends seems to be going through the same ordeal, C. encourages her to speak. The adolescent girls are 15 years old, hesitate but do not take the plunge. “I told J. that I was going to tell everything, he threatened me, asked me not to present myself on the tatami again, he couldn’t stand my gaze, asked me to lower my eyes. At the end of 2011, a serious knee injury put an end to the sporting career of the young judokate, to her ordeal too.

The psychological injury remains. “My life was sports and studies, instead it was violence. Today I have nothing left. A dislocated shoulder got the better of her dream of becoming a physiotherapist. If C. speaks at age 23 “it’s for all these potentially victimized children. In judo and elsewhere. “For 10 years I have been living with remorse at not having spoken, not having denounced …”

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