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Stade Français: the curfew, “it’s 300,000 euros of additional losses”

They were more than 10,000 spectators at the last Stade Français – Racing at the Jean-Bouin stadium (Paris XVI) in November 2019. In a little over a week, the Top 14 derby scheduled at 9:05 pm will be played, this time without public! The State has, in fact, taken a strong measure to fight against the spread of Covid-19 by imposing from Saturday midnight a curfew between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., and therefore night matches behind closed doors.

“This is 150,000 euros of additional losses per match compared to the 1000 spectators gauge which was already imposed, so 300,000 euros for Racing and Toulouse in the immediate future, knowing that we are used to generating the most income on these two meetings, deplores Thomas Lombard, general manager of the Parisian club. Afterwards, it is perhaps possible that we discuss with the broadcaster. The leader refers to Canal + of which he was one of the star consultants and which has planned to broadcast in prime time on Sunday at 9:05 pm the two posters, Stade Français – Racing (October 25) and Stade Français – Toulouse (November 1).

“Bringing up the meeting time seems complicated to me compared to the channel’s programming, but why not think about having Canal play at this time teams that are not affected by the curfew zone,” continues. he. Faced with exceptional conditions, we can sometimes consider exceptional measures, even if the choice of distribution is dictated for a question of attractiveness. “Before showing himself fatalistic after this new government measure.

Most subscribers rehired out of solidarity

“We have no choice, we are in a serious health situation, this resolution is also temporary, does not concern all matches, continues Thomas Lombard. Now we are going to redo our accounts. Like other clubs, we find ourselves a little more in difficulty with the consequences of the closed session, namely the reimbursement of all hospitalities, subscribed tickets according to the number of matches, not to mention the annoyance that this can generate among supporters. Most have re-enlisted out of solidarity. If they see that the situation continues, they may well say: We’re stopping for this season, it’s too complicated, you pay us back. “

In addition, the interested party is optimistic about the outcome of the conflict between the French Federation and the National League about the provision of international players for the next matches of the XV of France. “There are still adjustments to be found on their number, but there is the will to find an agreement on both sides,” he said. What is very important for the Federation, and we understood it from the start, is to play the match against Wales because it is preparing the one for Ireland which can allow the France team to win the Tournament. Knowing that there is a significant financial windfall depending on the place in which we finish. “

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