Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac, an effective tool to recover lost data

No one is immune to data loss, whether in a personal or professional activity. A little moment of inattention and presto! Your precious data is deleted. Fortunately, there is no need to worry about this kind of situation anymore, because today there are various solutions to recover accidentally deleted files from your computer on Mac for example. And that’s the whole point of this article that will do you good to read!

Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac is a free tool to recover deleted or lost data. It is an application designed and developed to recover deleted and lost files from Mac hard drive, CD or DVD drives, removable card.

How it works ?

First of all, you need to define what you want to recover like deleted documents, videos, photos or emails! It’s very simple, just check your needs like this:

Then, up to the choice of the location concerned by your data recovery searches, this can be your main or external drive, as desired.

Like magic, the software allows you to search deeply and then recover deleted data afterwards, like a nice photo with your girlfriend / boyfriend, and this beautiful dog:

Effective on various media

Stellar claims it is able to recover lost data from all models of Mac. This tool also supports recovery from Time Machine backup disk. For those of you who are new to data recovery, you might be surprised to know that files that you delete from Mac computer or external drive may be recoverable.

It doesn’t matter if you lose the data due to deleting recycle bin, formatting flash drive, or corrupting memory card. Most likely, your files saved in the storage are still recoverable. What you need is data recovery software.

Is it really safe?

Yes, the program can be run 100% on a Mac. Malwarebytes does not report any threats or malicious files while the application is running on your MacBook. Additionally, the software is a standalone solution that is not bundled with other malicious applications or processes.

This tool is also secure. This means that it will not damage your hard drive no matter what operations are performed. This is because Stellar Mac Data Recovery performs read-only procedures, so that it will not write any additional data to your storage device. Another feature that you are going to like about Stellar is that the program allows you to create an image of the storage media. This will scan the hard drive image to recover data in case the original device is not available.

Discover this data recovery software in video:

Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac recovers 1 GB of deleted videos, photos, documents and files for free. To recover more data, user can upgrade to professional version.

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