Tesla unveils a Model S Plaid with 1,100 horsepower + 850 km of range at 140,000 euros!

Despite criticism about the reliability of its cars, Tesla continues to innovate and deliver new models that in the process inflict insolent pants on competitors. The latest addition to the American team, the Model S Plaid, which claims the title of the most powerful consumer car available on the market. There is indeed a set of components that jointly deliver 1,100 horsepower + 850 km of range. We come back to the sensation of this weekend.

The Plaid, crazier than the Ludicrous

While until then Tesla had only one ultimate model, the Model S Ludicrous, the American brand is adding an arrow to its purse. Called Model S Plaid, this model breaks all road records for a sedan. Whether thermal or electric.

Tesla Model S – Photo credits: Flickr

Indeed, the vehicle has two electric motors which increase tenfold up to 1,100 horsepower. So much power in a mainstream car is unheard of. And for good reason, since this arsenal propels the vehicle up to 320 km / h and all at 2.1 s to perform the 0 to 100 km / h.

On the design side, no changes have been made to this vehicle whose appearance has not aged a single wrinkle since its redesign in 2015.

That’s not all, however, since the Plaid also has the most insane range on an electric car.

WHAT about the autonomy of the Plaid?

It is simply mind blowing. 850 km of road, in a single charging cycle. That is almost as many kilometers available as on combustion vehicles, with a full tank. However, to benefit from all these developments, it is once again the portfolios that will suffer.

Tesla Model S – Photo credits: Flickr

Count on average 139,900 euros to acquire the Plaid version of Tesla Model S.

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