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The Covid-19 did not put Mon Petit Gazon offside

It is the game of “fantasy football” between colleagues or between friends that has revived interest in Ligue 1 football but has also become dependent on it. The premature end of the championship because of the Covid-19, a sluggish resumption behind closed doors and a transfer window postponed until the beginning of October could have rocked Mon Petit Gazon (“MPG” for insiders and their patient soul mates) … Good news for his fans: “MPG” cushioned the health crisis like a pass that was a little too strong.

“We are finally on a flat growth this year”, wants to reassure Martin Jaglin, one of the bosses of Fantaleague, the editor behind “MPG”.

“Teleworking which eliminates discussions between colleagues and empty stadiums penalizes us in our development,” notes the co-creator of this game financed by advertising. “But the players also find social bond by challenging each other in leagues and MPG compensates for the lack of enthusiasm in the stands with virtual football and its dose of chambering”.

A catch-up at the end of the transfer window

The new Ligue 1 schedule and late sales of players have only delayed the launch of mercatos and virtual leagues.

“The end of the transfer window allowed us to catch up and record a peak of 100,000 active players in 10 days” explains the manager. The simulation platform has 504,000 active players, often with several leagues.

Despite several months of slowed activity during confinement and a resumption of the championship postponed to September, the SME of 13 people recorded a “result similar to last year” with a turnover of 1.4 million.

The young Parisian startup will recruit 4 developers to complete a complete redesign of the iOS and Android applications by the end of the year. Little used (5% of players), the website will close the curtain on it in favor of a 100 simulation on mobile.

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