Turkey arrests suspected Daesh member wanted by France

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Turkey has arrested a Tunisian woman suspected of belonging to the jihadist group Islamic State and wanted by France, state news agency Anadolu reported on Friday. Soumaya Raissi, 30, was arrested Thursday in Adana, in the south of the country, in possession of a false Syrian identity card, Anadolu said, posting a photo of the woman, handcuffed and face masked. In Paris, a judicial source confirmed that the arrested woman was the subject of an arrest warrant.

According to the private Turkish news agency DHA, the suspect left France in 2016 for Syria, a country she left five months ago to settle in Turkey. According to DHA, after the arrest in southern Turkey of her first husband in 2016, she remarried an IS member in Syria with whom she had a child.

Franco-Turkish tensions

This arrest comes in a context of strong tensions between Ankara and Paris, linked in particular to the situation in Libya and the eastern Mediterranean.

In the years following the start of the conflict in Syria, in 2011, border Turkey was one of the main transit points for jihadists seeking to reach this warring country. Since the fall of the self-proclaimed ISIS “caliphate” in March 2019, many have gone the other way and joined Turkey.

Ankara long accused of “let it go, let it go”

Long accused of “let it go, let it go”, Ankara now regularly announces the arrest of suspected ISIS members who are in its territory. The Turkish authorities said they had arrested 14 people in Istanbul on Friday suspected of links with ISIS.

Ankara has expelled since last year dozens of suspected jihadists, especially Europeans, to their countries of origin. Last week, a French jihadist, Othman Garrido, was indicted in France after his expulsion from Turkey.

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