Twitter, Facebook accused of censoring embarrassing post for Biden, Trump steps up

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Each election has its own hacking case … Four years after the publication of emails from Hillary Clinton, hacked by Russian hackers and disseminated by WikiLeaks – a blunder which his opponent Trump had made his honey -, it’s Joe Biden’s turn. ‘be at the heart of a controversy, two and a half weeks before the presidential election. E-mails allegedly written by his son have been published by a newspaper and they revive the Ukrainian affair, which was the heart of the impeachment attempt against President Trump.

The Ukrainian case

To understand, you have to go back in time a little. Summer 2019: Donald Trump talks with his Ukrainian counterpart and he conditions the payment of a large financial aid to Ukraine from Volodymyr Zelensky: Trump asks him to find not very shining elements on Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, that all the forecasts announce as his rival of the presidential election of 2020. Hunter Biden, member of the supervisory board of the Ukrainian gas group Burisma for five years, would have allowed the group to escape investigations for corruption. Democratic leaders launch impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Before Congress, the president is indicted for abuse of power and hinders the smooth running of Congress. The hearings of diplomats follow one another, they reveal the functioning of Trump in foreign affairs, relying on an ultra-restricted circle, including his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani. At the beginning of February, the Senate, by voting against the dismissal, closes the case.

New York Post publishes messages from son Biden

But the story therefore rebounded this Wednesday at dawn. The New York Post posts illegally retrieved emails from a computer touted as Hunter Biden’s. These messages come from the hard drive of a laptop computer seized last December by the FBI from a repairman. It contains messages, photos and personal videos of Hunter Biden. An email would prove, according to the conservative daily, that the young man introduced his father to an official of the Burisma gas group. In an email dated April 17, 2015, Vadim Pojarskïi, a member of the management, thanked Hunter Biden for an invitation to Washington “giving him the opportunity to meet your father and spend time together.”


The former vice president has always denied discussing his activities abroad with his son when he was in office. On Wednesday, a spokesperson for Joe Biden denied the tabloid’s allegations, saying that no meeting with Mr. Pojarskïi had taken place, according to his official program at the time.

The NY Post also reports that it discovered that the hard drive also contains a 12-minute video in which Hunter Biden is seen smoking crack while having sex, and other explicit material. He also explains how he got the copy from the hard drive: according to the daily, the owner of the computer repair shop that contacted the FBI had, before handing over the computer, copied the hard drive and gave the copy to Robert. Costello, lawyer for former mayor Rudy Giuliani. Steve Bannon, former sulphurous adviser to President Trump, told The Post about the hard drive’s existence in late September and Giuliani provided a copy on Sunday.

Twitter is blocking article sharing

The article was widely read and shared on social media. But many Internet users have found themselves under the threat of closing their Twitter account. White House press relations officer Kayleigh McEnany was banned from her personal Twitter account on Wednesday for sharing the article. To unlock the account, she had to delete her tweet linking to the Post. Kayleigh McEnany’s account is followed by over a million subscribers.

After a day of media storm, Twitter explained in the evening that it blocked the sharing of the article because it contains documents that violate two of its rules: do not publish personal data (emails, phone numbers) and not to post pirated material. “We do not want to encourage hacking by authorizing the dissemination of documents obtained illegally”, explained the company via its dedicated security account, recalling that discussing the article was not prohibited, only sharing.

One of Facebook executives, Andy Stone, questioned the veracity of the published emails and announced that the daily’s information would be subject to verification. Pending its results, their visibility would be reduced on the platform.

The New York Post and Trump cry out for censorship

In an editorial, the newspaper, one of the most widely read dailies in the country, denounces this Thursday the “censorship of Facebook to help the campaign of Joe Biden”. “Censor first, ask the questions after: it is an outrageous attitude for one of the most powerful platforms in the United States”, continues the editorial, accusing Facebook of having become “a propaganda machine”.

This story serves the Trump camp which can, in the same momentum, denounce the “lies” of Joe Biden and the connivance of the “mainstream media” with him, two arguments that hit the mark with supporters of the current president.

“Awful that Twitter and Facebook removed the email post […] linked to Sleepy Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, in the New York Post, ”said Donald Trump on his favorite network, before devoting long minutes to it during a meeting in Iowa.

“Joe Biden must immediately disclose all emails, meetings, phone calls, transcripts and documents related to his involvement in his family’s affairs and influence peddling around the world – including China,” he said. .

“Our communication on our actions regarding the New York Post article was not great. And block the sharing of the Internet address of the article with zero context explaining why: unacceptable, “admitted Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, Wednesday evening, in an attempt to calm the fire. But the flames are still burning.

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