United States: Barron Trump has also tested positive for coronavirus


In the Trump family, no one has escaped contamination. Like the president and the first lady, their 14-year-old son Barron was infected with the coronavirus. It was Melania Trump herself who announced it on Wednesday.

“Naturally, I immediately thought of our son,” she wrote in a text titled “My experience with Covid-19”, regarding when the presidential couple tested positive two weeks ago.

“To our relief, he tested negative […] My concerns came true when he was tested again and the results were positive, ”she added, adding that he had since tested negative.

“Barron is fine”

“Luckily, he’s a healthy teenager and hasn’t shown any symptoms,” she added. “Barron is fine,” Donald Trump said when he left for Iowa, where he was to participate in a campaign rally in the evening.

Initially, when the contamination of his parents had been revealed, the White House had assured that Barron Trump had tested negative.

Following his hospitalization and a cleverly staged return to the White House, Donald Trump resumed his campaign meetings, starting with a stopover in Florida. He had, a few hours before going there, tested negative by resorting to antigenic tests.

Original article by : www.leparisien.fr

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