United States: Walmart, the giant of the mass distribution, launches in the deliveries by drones

Coronavirus crisis requires, the activities of the giants of mass distribution and consumer goods have had to review their business model. Or more exactly how to deliver the products ordered by their customers. This is particularly the case with Walmart, number 1 in shelf distribution in the United States, which in partnership with Zipline, is starting deliveries by drones. A first in a country heavily affected by COVID-19.

The United States in the race for the giants of drone delivery

Walmart is not the first supermarket chain to offer drone deliveries. Amazon also tried it for a while. Before giving up for lack of frank success of his new offer.

A Walmart store – Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

However, this world of drone delivery, although ruthless, is highly promising and promising. In fact, since the COVID-19 crisis, many similar services have emerged. In particular in the delivery of drugs by pharmacies. As are Google and Amazon, who have also taken the plunge.

Walmart thinks about the future first

Like Amazon and American pharmacies, Walmart has decided to focus for now on delivering health products by drone. The initiative piloted and carried out in partnership with the local company Zipline will make it possible to transport drugs within a radius of 80 km around the nearest Walmart.

The drones will fly at 110 km / h. A fairly reasonable speed and will carry a total load of around 2 kg. These deliveries can be made in one hour.

Drone deliveries, a service of the future

“We know that it will take time before we see millions of packages delivered by drone. It sounds like science fiction, but we are at a point where we are learning more and more about the technology available and how we can use it to make the lives of our customers easier ”. Stressed Walmart in its press release.

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