US Presidential: Donald Trump tested negative according to the White House

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He was announced to be sick with the coronavirus on October 2, before leaving the hospital three short days later. New tests carried out by Donald Trump’s doctors would now have come back negative, his personal doctor, Sean Conley, announced on Monday.

The American president would have been tested negative several days in a row, specifies the doctor of the American president in his press release. The tests carried out are antigenic tests, rapid, adds Sean Conley. They are carried out by Abott laboratory, with whom the White House announced on August 27 that it had reached an agreement for the production of 150 million tests, for an amount of 750 million dollars.

“In response to your request on the President’s most recent Covid-19 tests, I can inform you that he has tested negative several days in a row using (the) Abbott BinaxNOW”. The doctor does not specify the number of consecutive days during which Donald Trump has tested negative.

Trump to Florida

Antigenic tests, the results of which can come back in as little as 15 minutes, are known to be less precise than PCR tests. To defend the results of these tests, Dr Sean Conley specifies that they were not carried out in isolation but “in the context of complementary clinical and laboratory data”. According to him, everything indicates that the American president “is no longer contagious”.

Even before the announcement of the tests was made public, Donald Trump had decided to fly to Florida, his first campaign trip since the announcement of his contamination. It was while he was on board the presidential plane that the press release was released to the press.

On his arrival, the president and Republican candidate must hold a meeting in the town of Sanford. Florida is a key state for him in his quest for the top voters, as polls put him behind his Democratic rival Joe Biden. While a televised debate was initially scheduled for October 15, it was finally canceled. Donald Trump rejects the idea of ​​a virtual confrontation.

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