US presidential election: Biden and Trump galvanize their respective camps

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The president repeats it over and over again, the twists and turns he knows. He knows it, he plays his all-out. He showed it off in Sanford, Florida on Monday night at his first public gathering since being released from hospital. Far from admitting defeat, he seeks to mobilize his base and more precisely the white men who have not done any higher education … His only hope is to convince them to go and vote in these states which are the key to his re-election, industrial states ravaged by the globalization of the economy or rural states to which he awarded record agricultural subsidies.

VIDEO. Covid-19: Trump takes off his mask as soon as he returns to the White House

He would also like to massively mobilize seniors again. He authorized the issuance of vouchers worth $ 200 in their favor, to be spent on prescriptions. Recently he also often ends his bursts of tweets with a: “Go Vote” in capital letters! And he resumed the offensive against Joe Biden, whom he regularly presents as “the powerless puppet of the radical left”.

A political climate “filled with hate”

In Florida on Monday, in front of thousands of supporters, mostly white, without a mask but with the helmet or the MAGA (Make America Great Again) t-shirt, he resumed his usual themes. The economy will only be able to pick up if he remains in charge; it will lower taxes; the Chinese virus, as he continues to say to the great joy of his supporters, will soon be defeated; the wall with Mexico is advancing; and he is the last bulwark against the socialism that his rival wants to install in the United States.

On the occasion of the release of his 22nd album, Philippe Geluck, the father of the Cat, illustrates the Parisian-Today in France on Wednesday October 14./Philippe Geluck

His electoral marathon, launched despite calls for caution from his doctors, took him Tuesday night to Pennsylvania, a state essential for his re-election but where he is unscrewing in the polls. Today he is flying to Iowa, another key state. Joe Biden, also wants to fill the voices in his camp and particularly targets the black community, which is largely acquired to him but on which he wants to be able to count. Encouraged by the polls, he now takes the fight to the states that seemed acquired to his opponent, Nevada on Friday or Ohio for example on Monday.

In this state which voted for Trump in 2016, he recalls the catastrophic management of the coronavirus crisis, a criticism now shared by many American seniors. But he especially insists on what is his number one asset: his moderation and his desire to unite the country after four years of Trump. The left wing of the Democrats observes with some concern this centrist rebalancing but for the moment in any case, is united with Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris. On the delicate subject of racial violence in the summer, he finds a balance that seems to please: “America does not have to choose between law and order on the one hand and racial justice on the other. , he hammers. We can have both. “

If elected, Biden will have his work cut out for him. By the very admission of Mitt Romney, the unfortunate Republican candidate against Obama, the current political climate is “filled with hatred” and America presents a picture “unseemly for a free country and, above all for the cradle of modern democracy” . “It is time to lower the temperature,” he adds in this intervention deemed anti-Trump. One more.

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