US presidential election: Donald Trump, more and more alone in his world

This Sunday, November 8 in the morning, the day after the announcement of the victory of his Democratic rival Joe Biden, Donald Trump left to take advantage of the summer temperatures to go golfing in Sterling, Virginia. The outgoing president continues to talk about massive fraud and promises to challenge the results of the US presidential election in court.

“Since when should the media decide who wins the election? He asked in one of his many tweets. As of Monday, his lawyers will launch a series of legal proceedings in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia as a priority. But how long will Donald Trump be able to count on the support of his party?

On Sunday, former Republican President George W. Bush phoned Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris to congratulate them both on their victory in an “honest” election. Noting the record turnout, “W” added, “Americans can have confidence in this election, the integrity of which will be confirmed and the outcome clear. “

Huge prestige among the grassroots

This intervention, all the more remarkable since the former tenant of the White House had stayed away from the countryside, threw a paving stone in the pond. Another party personality, Senator Mitt Romney, an unsuccessful candidate against Barack Obama eight years ago, echoed him: “It is wrong to say that this election is fraudulent, corrupt and stolen, he said. . These criticisms are damaging the cause of freedom here and around the world. “

The world, precisely. Congratulatory messages to Biden keep pouring in from all over the world: even Saudi Arabia, Trump’s distinguished ally, congratulated him on Sunday. This is to say the isolation into which the outgoing president sinks.

VIDEO. November 7, 2020, the day Joe Biden became President of the United States

This is why some American media believed to know that Melania, the wife of the president, and Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, who is also one of his principal advisers, try to convince him to accept his defeat. Time lost, apparently, for now. The crumbling of support for Trump is visible, but it would be premature to think that he is isolated within a party that he was, until his failure in the ballot on November 3, transforming in his image .

Some Republican caciques, like his lawyer Rudolph Giuliani, ex-mayor of New York, or Newt Gingrich, ex-president of the House of Representatives, encourage him to fight (Gingrich even invoked the role of Chinese algorithmic specialists who would censor the Comment from the president on Facebook…).

But most party senators maintain a cautious silence. They know that Trump enjoys enormous prestige among the rank and file Republican voter and still fear his wrath …

President-elect tackles hot issues

Meanwhile, Joe Biden rushed like a locomotive towards the White House. Anxious to bring together a fractured America as never before in recent history, he seems to pay no attention to Donald Trump and is focused on the huge projects that await him. After going to mass in his home town of Wilmington, Delaware, he spent Sunday setting up a transition cell to handle the hot files with Trump’s team.

Ready to govern with quick decrees, the president-elect has identified four priorities for January 21, the date of his taking office: economic recovery, racial justice, climate change and, top priority, the fight against the Covid -19, as he hammered out in his victory speech on Saturday night. While the pandemic is raging in the United States, as of Monday, he will create a work unit on the coronavirus composed of scientists, social agents and elected personalities. Objectives: a framework law to finance a national campaign of tests and the manufacture, in the United States itself, of medical products and equipment, and to oblige the wearing of the mask in the federal establishments, among others.

The future Biden administration also plans to reverse the withdrawal of the United States from the World Health Organization. It is also preparing, according to the Washington Post, an ambitious plan to revive the economy, worth 700 billion dollars (589 billion euros) …

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