US presidential election: how the Covid plagued Trump’s campaign

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There is no doubt that if President Trump loses the US presidential election in a little over two weeks, he will attack this “Chinese virus” which will have robbed him of his re-election. He is obviously not responsible for the Covid, but since the start of the crisis, he has stuck with an incomprehensible strategy. Contradicted by events, contradicted by his own medical experts, contradicted by members of his cabinet, contradicted by the World Health Organization, he has always refused to accept the gravity of the pandemic.

“He treated the virus crisis as a public relations problem,” now accuses Ben Sasse, Republican senator from Nebraska, worrying about a “bloodbath” for Republicans in Congress, whom they dominate for. the moment. At all levels – economy, politics, public health and even his own and his family’s health – the virus will have hampered his efforts and risks bringing him down.

Nine months ago, an eternity in politics, the economy was purring like a sated cat, unemployment was at its lowest, the stock market was breaking records. Abroad, no major problems. Even his impeachment trial was shaping up well since he could count on his Republican majority in the Senate … Now that the tide has turned, his supporters argue that this “unjustified trial” prevented him from concentrating as he did. should have been on the coronavirus.

His famous first public intervention on the subject, on January 22, was often criticized: “This is a person who comes from China. We control the situation. It will be fine. This optimistic assessment of the situation and this stubborn refusal to accept its gravity will form the basis of his strategy for many months. “I knew it was serious, but I did not want to panic the public,” he explained much later to the famous journalist Bob Woodward. It took him wrong …

However, at the end of January, his domestic policy adviser Joe Grogan was already warning: “An epidemic could cost the president his re-election. Trump is not listening to him. The virus brings down Wall Street and then grips the entire economy. The GDP recorded a vertiginous fall (-35% in the 2nd quarter!), The labor market is devastated. “In two months, the economy goes from the lowest level of unemployment to the highest level in 90 years,” said Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Meanwhile, Trump is making more optimistic and reassuring statements, but nothing is working.

The health record continues to grow and becomes catastrophic. The country is now by far the most bereaved on the planet with nearly 220,000 victims to date. Senior voters, the most threatened by the pandemic, criticize his strategy and many abandon it.

Faced with the virus, the president alternates casually and machismo. Here again, the failure is obvious. As a symbol – the one that nothing is going right – he is infected in early October, his wife and even their son Barron. Of course, he was quickly released from the hospital to resume his campaign at a frantic pace. This Saturday, the billionaire took a tour of Michigan then Wisconsin, two Democratic States he had won in 2016, and finally Las Vegas (Nevada) in the evening! Do everything to catch up on Joe Biden.

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But at this stage, impossible to deny the results, so he repeats that he avoided the worst, that with another president we would deplore at least a million deaths, and that only he can revive the economy. Words, words, words? On November 3, the Americans will deliver their verdict.

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