US presidential election: Joe Biden puts an end to the Trump years

Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States. And Kamala Harris, his running mate, will become the first female vice-president in American history, a black woman to boot. A historic victory with the highest turnout since 1900, 66.4%. The Democratic candidate garnered nearly 75 million votes, another record.

It was this Saturday, November 7, at the end of the morning for the East Coast, that the interminable suspense of the American presidential election ended, when the last figures from Philadelphia in the key state of Pennsylvania propelled the candidate Democrat beyond the 270 voters needed to win. In the afternoon, Nevada also fell into the Democratic camp, bringing its total to 279 against 214 for Donald Trump.

“I will be the president of all Americans,” Joe Biden promised in a statement. I am honored and humbled by the trust the Americans have placed in me and the Vice President-elect […]. The time has come to put anger and fiery rhetoric behind us and come together as a Nation ”. The future president was to address the nation at 2 a.m. KST from his stronghold in Wilmington, Delaware.

Scenes of jubilation from Los Angeles to New York

As soon as the news broke, from Washington to Philadelphia and Los Angeles to Atlanta, thousands of Americans took to the streets in joyous spontaneous protests. In a summer New York, supporters of Joe Biden, the vast majority masked, the Covid-19 pandemic requires, rushed to the city’s parks. With loud blasts of horns, a procession of vehicles, mixing limousines, taxis, private cars, delivery vans and even municipal buses slowly descended a Fifth Avenue flooded with sunlight.

“A historic moment,” says Alison Berna behind her mask in Washington Square Park. “My voice is all hoarse, I celebrated screaming no more hatred (no more hatred) for more than 20 minutes ”! Beside him, another Democratic supporter dressed, like many, in the Biden-Harris T-shirt, adds: “There is so much joy here! It’s a huge collective sigh of relief, like a pressure cooker exploding ”. He changed his mind, laughing: “No, no explosion, violence is over!” “

Towards 14th Street, a young high school student calls out to the crowd: “Look around you! Young, old, all races, all genders. It proves that we are one. In New York, I have the impression that we are all united to unite the United States! “

It was the urban centers of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in particular that gave the victory to Joe Biden. In Georgia, where Biden was leading the race on Saturday, it was also the big city of Atlanta that was gradually pushing him towards victory.

A country exhausted and deeply divided

For Joe Biden, who will turn 78 in a few days, the third attempt was the right one. But the former vice president of Barack Obama is taking the reins of a country exhausted by an uncontrollable pandemic, whose economy is on the verge of a serious recession and, above all, deeply divided after four years of Trump. Four years of provocations and scandals, but also, it should be noted, four years of an economic situation that satisfied many Americans until the pandemic.

And if Biden supporters rejoiced on Saturday, supporters of the outgoing president did not hide their bitterness, often convinced, like Donald Trump, that massive fraud invalidated the ballot. “The election is far from over,” said the Republican candidate in a statement on Saturday, promising to seize the competent judicial bodies. “I will not rest until the American people get the honest vote count they deserve and democracy demands.”

Until the last day, Trump will have crisscrossed the country for his campaign, but the end result is there: he has entered the very closed circle of presidents who will not have been re-elected for a second term, like George Bush Sr. and Jimmy. Carter …

The latter precisely, as well as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, congratulated Joe Biden. Faced with enormous challenges, the Democratic Party seems united (Bernie Sanders also obviously congratulated the winner) and can even count on the support of moderate Republicans. A unity that the country will need badly in the days and months to come.

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