US presidential election: Kanye West recognizes his defeat and is already thinking about 2024

If the results are still very uncertain this Wednesday, November 4 between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, there is one for whom the defeat is very clear. According to American media, rapper Kanye West won only 0.4% of the vote, with less than 60,000 votes. But he does not intend to stop there.

In a message posted on Twitter, the rapper who poses all smiles in front of a map of states divided between red and blue (the colors of Republicans and Democrats), writes a more than explicit message: Kanye 2024.

Obviously not scalded by his heavy defeat, the husband of Kim Kardashian who had embarked on the nomination race since July 4 with motivations remained rather vague, says he is ready to try the experience again. Support of Donald Trump in his beginnings, the 43-year-old rapper went it alone for the presidential election, without a program and without a label.

His campaign had been marked by a first completely disjointed meeting. The rapper had burst into tears, evoking the pregnancy of his wife, also affirming that the famous American abolitionist “Harriet Tubman never really freed the slaves”.

Kanye West, who had met the criteria to appear on the ballots – fluctuating from one state to another – in only 12 states (out of 50), mathematically had no chance of being elected president. But some supporters of Donald Trump were hoping the 43-year-old rapper would wrest some votes from Joe Biden among the black electorate.

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