US presidential election: The Lancet magazine engages against Donald Trump

This call alone reflects all the strangeness of recent months, during which the health crisis has taken pride of place. A few days before the US presidential election, the leading medical journal The Lancet on Friday called on American voters to “change”, sharply attacking the “disastrous” management of the Covid-19 crisis by the Trump administration.

“On November 3, 2020, the United States will choose between staying focused on the past or being courageous in going forward,” writes the review, without explicitly calling for a vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

“With so many losses and so much still to lose, the 2020 presidential election is the opportune time for the American electorate to support change for the better, reject the stagnation of complacency, exchange a pointless point of view by a vision of progress, and to find the international community in the objective of a more equitable and sustainable future ”, continues the editorial, before spelling out a long list of criticisms against the Trump administration.

The American response deemed “disastrous”

“Unraveling of the social safety net, continued erosion of trust in the public sector”, “political interference in certain crucial public health arrangements” etc. : a situation which “culminated with the disastrous American response to the Covid-19 pandemic”.

The management of this crisis is a central element of the presidential campaign. The United States, which is experiencing an upsurge in the epidemic, has recorded a total of 228,625 deaths since the start of the pandemic, and 8.94 million cases.

“Under the slogan of Make America Great Again, the Trump administration has implemented regressive nationalist policies, backtracked on protective measures for people, work, and the environment, and withdrew from agreements international organizations and multilateral organizations such as the WHO (World Health Organization: editor’s note) ”, denounces The Lancet.

Other leading scientific journals, deploring Donald Trump’s “contempt” for science, have taken a stand in recent weeks in the election campaign. In October, Nature openly called for a vote for Joe Biden, while in September, the publication Scientific American had, for the first time in 175 years of existence, also supported the Democratic candidate, criticizing Donald Trump for his rejection. of science and its “denial” of climate change.

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