US presidential election: when should the results in the 5 key states fall?

The outcome of the US presidential election was still suspended Thursday afternoon (in the United States) in a few key states where the vote count is still underway, and the race too close to declare a winner. Update on the situation in each of them.

Each state allocates a certain number of electors. With those already determined, Joe Biden currently has 253 or 264 voters, due to uncertainties over the results in Arizona, and Donald Trump 214. It takes 270 to enter the White House.

Alaska’s Big Three voters have yet to be awarded, but no Democrats have won in decades and the outcome of the ballot is in no doubt.


11 major voters at stake.

End of the count expected Friday, or even this weekend.

Joe Biden won 50.5% of the vote, against 48.1% for Donald Trump, a difference of 68,000 votes, according to a partial count of 86% of the vote.

Fox and the American News Agency Associated Press (AP) ruled on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday that the Democrat had won this western state, considering it impossible for the president to catch up.

Other media, such as the New York Times or CNN, prefer to wait to attribute victory in this state which traditionally votes Republican. Local authorities do not think they will be able to finalize the count before Friday, probably.


16 major voters at stake.

End of counting imminent, overnight or Friday morning.

98% of the votes were counted in this Southeastern state which traditionally votes Republican.

Donald Trump has been in the lead since Tuesday evening, but his lead has gradually narrowed and he has only 12,800 votes ahead of Joe Biden with 49.5% of the vote against 49.2% to his opponent, according to US media.

Officials in Fulton County, where much of Atlanta is located, say they are done counting and will release results soon


6 major voters at stake.

End of the count expected Friday, around 6 p.m. in Paris.

89% of the votes were counted in this western desert state, which had chosen Hillary Clinton in 2016. Joe Biden is currently in the lead, with 49.4%, against 48.5% for Donald Trump. This represents a difference of less than 12,000 votes.


20 major voters at stake.

End of the count expected Friday.

92% of the votes were counted in this industrial state of the northeast “rust belt”, where the two candidates campaigned fiercely.

Donald Trump’s comfortable advance was reduced on Wednesday but he still retained 101,000 more votes than his rival Thursday morning (50.2% against 48.5% for Joe Biden).

There are about 550,000 ballots left to count, all arrived by mail, a modality much more used by Democratic voters, which, according to the American media, could reverse the final result. The local authorities felt that they “could” perhaps announce the result of the vote at the end of the day.

North Carolina

15 major voters at stake.

Counting until November 12.

95% of the votes were counted in this south-eastern state, traditionally republican. Advantage for the time being to Donald Trump (50.0%) over Joe Biden (48.6%), an advance of about 77,000 votes.

But postal votes sent by election day – November 3 – are accepted there if they arrive within nine days. Until November 12 therefore …

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