US presidential election: where are the states without a winner one week after the election?

They are four, and are not yet colored red or blue on the maps published by the mainstream American media. A week after the presidential election in the United States, no winner is yet known in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Alaska. And yet, Joe Biden was indeed named president-elect this Saturday at 11:24 am local time.

With 279 voters against 214 for his opponent Donald Trump, the Democrat is already guaranteed to cross the absolute majority of 270, necessary to enter the White House next January. But there are still 45 seats to be allocated. These could allow him to raise his counter or even, symbolically, to exceed the total reached in 2016 by Trump (306). Or conversely, to give grain to grind the Republican who has not stopped, in recent days, to cry electoral fraud and to challenge the result of the ballot.

Update on the count, state by state, knowing that a candidate is announced the winner by the media when he has a sufficiently solid lead, even if all the ballots have not yet been taken into account.

Arizona, 11 voters, Biden advantage

While Fox News and the Associated Press (AP) have already announced Joe Biden’s victory there, Arizona remains undecided in the eyes of election analysts from all other major American media, including the New York Times and CNN. This Monday at the end of the day, there were about 70,000 postal ballots left to count in this Mexican border state, according to local media. And Biden is just 17,000 votes ahead of Trump, according to the New York Times’ latest statement.

Many votes are “blocked” while waiting for the voters concerned, whose signature on the ballot does not match, to present an identity document. In other cases, some were allowed to vote on election day without identity documents, which they were required to bring afterwards.

US presidential election: where are the states without a winner one week after the election?

As reported by local radio KAWC, out of more than 26,800 ballots taken into account in the 24 hours between Sunday and Monday, less than 14,000 went to Trump and about 12,300 to Biden. At this rate, the new American president will keep a small lead in the end.

This Wednesday being a public holiday – the “Veterans Day” – it is not at all sure that a candidate will be officially announced the winner by Thursday.

North Carolina, 15 voters, Trump advantage

The reverse is true in this state located on the East Coast, where Donald Trump is leading the way with a lead of around 75,000 ballots. But there are around 160,000 left to strip, several tens of thousands of them arriving by mail. The deadline has not been reached, since the votes filled on the day of the election on November 3 (the postmark being taken as proof) will be counted if they arrive before November 12, reports the NC Policy Watch think tank website.

US presidential election: where are the states without a winner one week after the election?

This also postpones the announcement of a winner until Thursday at the earliest. Unless Trump’s lead consolidates by then.

Georgia, 16 leading voters, recount in sight?

It is in Georgia that the situation is most vague… and that it will perhaps take the longest to settle. Joe Biden took the lead on the night of October 5 but only had a very short lead five days later: 12,425 votes, or less than 0.3% of voters.

However, when the difference is less than 0.5%, the legislation in this state won by Trump in 2016 and which has always voted Republican since 1996 provides for a recount of the ballots if one of the candidates requests it. The race “remains too tight” and “with such a slim margin, there will be a recount in Georgia,” local Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said at a press conference in Atlanta on Friday.

US presidential election: where are the states without a winner one week after the election?

Despite everything, New York Times specialist Nate Cohn wondered on Twitter if Biden’s growing lead might not be enough to designate him “apparent winner” at the end of this first count, and without waiting for the rest.

Out of some 30 recounts since 2000, only three of them have changed the election result, according to an official responsible for implementing the voting system in Georgia, the local television station reported on Monday evening. WTVM.

Alaska, 3 major voters, Trump advantage

Donald Trump points to 62.2% of the vote in Alaska, nearly double Biden. But barely 61% of the ballots were counted there, insufficient for the former real estate tycoon to be declared the winner. Even if the suspense is not very important in this historically republican state.

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