US Presidential: Joe Biden, the quiet man of the countryside

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In 2016, Trump had appeared on the American political scene. He first surprised his Republican rivals before defeating them one by one. Then, by seizing the White House, he had caused a real cataclysm in the political life of the country. Joe Biden, it’s quite the opposite.

This old lion of politics – he will be 78 three weeks after the poll – has accumulated almost half a century of experience in Congress and the White House, including eight as vice-president of Barack Obama. And his campaign is built on this old companionship with the Americans. Familiarity in a way. “Uncle Joe”, as his supporters have nicknamed him (Trump nicknamed him “Sleepy Joe”, or Joe asleep), wants to be reassuring, predictable, responsible, calm, even cautious… Here again, the anti-portrait of the current president.

A little boost in the key states

According to the polls, this strategy has paid off, but Biden now intends to be more visible, even aggressive. The day after the famous first debate, he took a train to cross Pennsylvania and Ohio, two pivotal states that Trump must win to have a chance of being reelected. This weekend, he returned to Pennsylvania and, in front of an audience of trade unionists, he took on populist overtones: “The only power we have is the power of the unions,” he said behind his mask. You are the one who is preventing the barbarians on the other side of the portal from taking over everything … “

This Monday, while Trump was driving to Florida, he returned to this industrial Midwest to hammer out his economic message: “Build Back Better”. After this stop in Ohio, he also plans to visit Florida and Iowa, two other hotly contested states, as well as on the West Coast.

Trump accused his opponent on Sunday again of “hiding in his basement”, alluding to the fact that the Democrat, aged and therefore more vulnerable to Covid, has long campaigned in a room of his Delaware residence transformed into a mini-HQ with a studio registration and American flag. But Biden now travels the country. Trump insinuates that “Joe” is sick (“He coughs terribly … the more he grabs his mask … the more he coughs”, he laughed at this Monday again) but it is Biden who publishes his Covid test results every day . Trump, on the other hand, stubbornly refuses to say when he was last declared negative.

The coffers of the Democratic Party are filling up

Biden has another advantage: his campaign coffers are full. The long-awaited appointment of the very conservative Supreme Court judge Amy Barrett has galvanized his supporters. In a matter of days, hundreds of millions of dollars fell into the Democrats’ coffers. For Biden of course, but also for the Democratic Senate candidates. Recovering the majority in the Senate is indeed one of the main objectives of the Donkey Party.

Joe Biden also sees with satisfaction widening divisions among Republicans. If the caciques of the party continue to support the president, several groups of disenchanted Republicans multiply the attacks against him, collecting millions of dollars for the defeat of Trump. There was thus the association of Christians against Trumpism and political extremism. There is now, quite a symbol, the “43 Elders for Joe Biden”, which brings together 43 former members of the cabinet of George W. Bush … a Republican from another era.

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