US presidential: Trump supporters surround Biden bus in Texas

The presidential campaign took on the air of a motorized duel on the roads of Texas a few days before “Election Day”. On Friday, a bus in the colors of Democratic candidate Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris traveling between San Antonio and Austin found itself surrounded by vehicles driven by supporters of Donald Trump, as can be seen in images posted on social media .

According to the campaign team of the former Democratic vice president quoted by the Washington Post, the bus was traveling on Interstate 35 when cars came in front of it and slowed down to “stop the bus in the middle of the freeway” and even “get it into the background.”

A video posted on Twitter also shows a black pickup hitting a white car behind the bus. According to a CNN source, the dozens of cars are part of a “Trump Train” that organizes various events and parades in Texas to show their support for the president.

Donald Trump “loves Texas”

Shocked by the incident, those on the bus called the police, and law enforcement escorted the vehicle until it arrived safely. Neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris was inside and no one was injured, precise CNN. Joe Biden’s campaign, however, preferred to cancel the event that was scheduled for Friday in Austin. According to The Texas Tribune, the FBI decided to look into this incident.

Far from shocking the President of the United States, the scene aroused the enthusiasm of Donald Trump. On Saturday evening, he retweeted a video of the incident on his account along with this comment: “I LOVE TEXAS! “. “Did you see how my supporters protected his bus?” It’s because they’re nice, ”quipped Donald Trump on Sunday at a meeting in Michigan.

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