US Presidential: “We are on the verge of a historic victory”, assures Bannon

In a Washington barricaded for fear of riots, frozen because of the Covid-19 pandemic, most election nights have been canceled. Not that given by Steve Bannon, the sulphurous ex-adviser to Donald Trump, media manager and icon of European far-right movements like the RN of Marine Le Pen. Although he has distanced himself from the American president since his implication in several cases of financial fraud, Bannon remains a much listened to oracle in the federal capital, at the head of his program “The War Room”, which analyzes these US elections.

At his evening, on a Washington rooftop terrace equipped with a marquee and offering a majestic view of the illuminated Capitol, crowd – almost all without masks – representatives of the American conservative media, a large team of Chinese journalists ” pro-Trump and anti-communist regime ”, as well as a delegation of MEPs from the ID (Identity and Democracy) group led by the lepenist Jérôme Rivière. In a makeshift studio under a tent, Bannon, who as usual has swapped the costume for his “combat outfit”, worn jeans and khaki parka, continuously holds the microphone, juggles his phone and his computers, analyzes the first results that fall, state after state.

“We are on the verge of a historic victory,” welcomes the “prince of darkness” (one of his nicknames), listing the states – North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, etc. – where Donald Trump is turning the situation around, thwarting poll forecasts. Around 10 p.m. (local), while the long electoral night has only just begun, he predicts the gain of 289 major voters (it takes 270 to win the presidential election) for his champion. Conceding that the popular vote should go to Biden, as it did for Hillary Clinton in 2016 – the Democratic candidate had 3 million more votes in the country than her rival.

“It’s still mind-boggling,” he says, “when you consider that the globalists, the oligarchs, the media, the anti-Trump establishment, had 4 years to prepare, had all the levers, and tonight we see that there is no blue wave (Editor’s note: the democratic color) and that Donald Trump will win. This is what the populist and nationalist movement is capable of in this country! “

“For his second term, Trump will be able to let go”

Under the marquee, the audience, which is divided between the buffet and the “War Room” screens, quivers with pleasure at each favorable partial result, the experts decipher the electoral map county by county. “We won votes among the Latinos, who appreciate Trump’s firmness on Venezuela and are wary of Biden’s socialist aims,” ​​said one, tablet in hand. “African-American men are also turning to us more, because they appreciate Donald Trump’s economic nationalism,” says Steve Bannon. The strategist advises the outgoing president to declare himself the winner as soon as possible, without waiting especially for the counting of the postal ballots arrived after this Tuesday voting day, just to suffocate the Biden camp.

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Around 11:30 p.m., the announcement of the loss of Arizona, a red (Republican) stronghold throws a chill. An elegant lady curses the widow of John McCain, hero of the Vietnam War and Republican rival of Obama in the 2008 presidential election and very popular in this southern state, who has firmly sided with… Democrat Biden. “It’s still perfectly playable, reassures Alister, adviser to the GOP – Grand old party, the Republican party – because after having consolidated his strongholds, Trump can hope to keep the states conquered to the left in 2016, such as Wisconsin and Pennsylvania” .

On the sofas, some are already dreaming of the aftermath. “For his second term, advises the European parliamentarian Jérôme Rivière, Donald Trump will be able to let go, place real loyalists in the government, no longer compromise and turn resolutely towards the patriotic movements of Europe, like ours. “

VIDEO. US Presidential: “We are on track to win the election”, assures Joe Biden

In a Washington with hopelessly empty streets, apart from the demonstrators grouped on the Black Lives Matter Plazza, a stone’s throw from the White House, the presidential election, at midnight, has not yet taken place. For proof three quarters of an hour later, Joe Biden appears at his HQ in Wilmington: “We think we are on track to win this election”, he proclaims in front of his supporters.

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