Vienna bombing: two young friends who became heroes

Praises are raining down. Filmed rushing Monday night in the middle of the shooting to rescue the first wounded, including a police officer, two young Austrians were hailed Tuesday for their bravery during the jihadist attack in Vienna.

In a video taken from an adjacent building, the two young people can be seen running around a subway entrance to shelter panicked passers-by, while heavy gunfire echoes in the street.

The Interior Ministry confirmed on Tuesday, without naming them, the assistance role played by these two friends during the automatic weapon attack carried out on Monday evening by a radicalized youth from North Macedonia, who killed four people before being shot by police.

The last coffee before sanitary confinement

Mikail Özen and Recep Tayyip Gültekin, Austrians of Turkish origin, had decided to go “have a last coffee” on the very lively Schwedenplatz, in the 1st Viennese district, before the sanitary confinement, they say in a video published immediately after the attack and went viral.

When they arrived in this busy square, they heard the first shots. “There were people on the ground, covered in blood,” says Mikhail Özen.

The young people then see an elderly woman, panicked, looking for a place to hide. As they walk towards her, they see an injured policeman lying on the ground. “We could not act as if we had not seen it,” comments the young man hot. “We ran and carried him (supporting him by the shoulders) to the ambulance,” he says, as the shooting continued in the street.

A call for unity

The two friends, who are also semi-professionals in martial arts, called for unity between “Jews, Christians and Muslims”, which was repeated in many local media. “We who are Muslims and of Turkish origin hate all forms of terrorism. We are with Austria, with Vienna, we respect Austria, ”they said in front of the camera.

They were also contacted by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who congratulated them over the phone, Turkish media reported.

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