Who will be in the White House? “Time will tell …”, loose Trump

It is still not an acknowledgment of defeat, but the tone is much less categorical: “I think time will tell which administration we will have …” For the first time, but without knowing if the sentence is voluntary or if he spoke too quickly, Donald Trump – slightly – opened the door on Friday to a loss to Joe Biden.

As the latest election results bolster the Democrat, the outgoing president was speaking publicly for the first time in over a week. But that is the only allusion he made to the election, and it was at the turn of a comment on the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States.

“I think time will tell which administration we will have, but whatever happens in the future, who knows, I can tell you that this administration will not impose lockdown,” he said simply . Far from his words repeated in multiple tweets on a “rigged” election.

“My administration will be able to coordinate the distribution of the vaccine”

Instead of containment, the president promised that the distribution of the first doses of a vaccine to those at risk was “a matter of weeks”. The announcement Monday by the Pfizer and BioNTech laboratories of promising tests for a vaccine “90% effective” against Covid-19, raised a wave of hope. “We will work to give them an emergency authorization, which will come extremely quickly and my administration will then be able to coordinate the distribution of the vaccine”, he nevertheless assured while his most faithful ministers and advisers ensure that the ground is being prepared for “A second Trump term”.

He concluded his speech, in the gardens of the White House, without answering journalists’ questions, an exercise to which he nevertheless lent himself very regularly during his mandate.

The last results of the November 3 ballot had finally fallen, a few hours earlier, after ten days of waiting. According to projections by the mainstream American media, Georgia went to Joe Biden and North Carolina to Donald Trump.

Protest planned in Washington

Ironically, the Democrat ultimately won 306 voters, against 232 for the outgoing president. Either the reverse score of the victory of the Republican billionaire – who then spoke of a “tidal wave” – ​​against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

A recount of the votes must take place in Georgia, where the gap is very small between the two candidates, but its outcome will not change the final result: Joe Biden has, whatever happens in this state, the 270 necessary voters to open the doors of the White House.

Donald Trump had again claimed in the morning to be the winner of the presidential election. “A rigged election! He tweeted. He also wrote in a tweet considering going to the Saturday demonstration in Washington planned by his most radical supporters: “It is heartwarming to see all this huge support, especially these spontaneous rallies that are flourishing across the country, including a great Saturday in (Washington) DC. I could even try to say hello ”.

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