Why Donald Trump has yellow hair and other revelations from Michael Wolff’s book

To understand a character, little anecdotes are often the most eloquent. In this case, Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”, which is due to appear this Friday at United States, is full of revelations. With of course the thunderous declarations of his ex-advisor Steve bannon, but also many crisp details. The book was originally due out next Tuesday, but its publication was brought forward in the face of threats from the US president who wanted to prevent the book’s release.

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Here are some enlightening anecdotes, unveiled in the extracts published in particular in the New York Magazine.

The mystery of yellow hair finally revealed

Like Samson, Donald Trump can be summed up in his hair, part of the character. Even his daughter Ivanka doesn’t care. She told friends how this strange yellow-orange ball is made. Her father’s skull, she says, is completely bald, with some hairs on the sides and on the top of the forehead. Part of the baldness was masked by a tonsure reduction operation. For the rest, the side strands are brought to the middle, then returned to the outside using a powerful hairspray.

As for the color, as Ivanka laughs, we owe it to the Just for Men range. The longer the dye is applied, the darker it becomes… If Trump wears this strange color ranging from yellow to orange, it is because he does not have the patience to wait!

He didn’t really want to win

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s strategy was clear. Make people talk about him, and lose “from above”, benefiting from the status of martyr and becoming a world celebrity in the process. It is for this reason that he did not publish his tax return, that he was reluctant to invest his personal funds and that he did not care about conflicts of interest between his company and politics.

“Why would he have done otherwise?” Writes Michael Wolff. “Her daughter Ivanka and her son-in-law Jared Kushner are said to be international stars. Steve Bannon would have taken de facto head of the Tea party (Editor’s note: the most reactionary branch of the Republican party). Kellyane Conway (Editor’s note: his communications advisor) would be a TV star. And Melania Trump, who had been assured that her husband would never become president, could return to his discreet lunches. Losing pleased everyone. To lose was to win. “

An election night with the air of defeat

In this context, we understand the disarray that gripped everyone on the evening of victory, November 8, 2016. Don Jr, his son, said that his father “looked like someone who had just seen a ghost “. And Melania was in tears, “but not tears of joy.”

Steve Bannon reluctantly recounts that in an hour, “Trump went from confusion to disbelief, then to horror.” Before arriving at “this ultimate transformation: all of a sudden, Donald Trump became a man who believed he deserved to be President of the United States, and who was capable of being so.”

Three TVs in the presidential chamber

Daily life at the White House is not more pleasant. Donald Trump does not like this building, “which he considers complex and a little worrying”. The Trump couple are separate rooms, “this is a first since the Kennedys,” writes Michael Wolff. At the foot of his bed, the president “ordered two more television screens than the one already available, and a lock for the door, causing a brief altercation with the secret services, the latter insisting on permanent access to the room” .

Paranoia on all floors of the White House

The president has a paranoid fear of being poisoned. He asked that “no one touch anything, especially not their toothbrush”. And he who has always liked to eat at McDonald’s is regularly delivered: at McDonald’s, “nobody knows who is coming and the food is prepared in advance and in complete safety. “If by 6:30 pm he hadn’t had dinner with Steve Bannon, then he was most likely in bed with a cheeseburger, looking at his three screens and making phone calls,” writes Michael Wolff. A dream program.

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