Yellow vests: two years later, Priscillia Ludosky refuses to be “locked in a box”

The words of Priscillia Ludosky say all about the feeling of vertigo that seizes those and those whose names and faces pass from the most complete anonymity to the most sudden notoriety. “For two years, I have the impression of having jumped in a deep bath without knowing how to swim”, she confides. Some drowned there. The 35-year-old Seine-et-Marne emerged from it.

On November 17, 2018, and for months on the Saturdays that followed, hundreds of thousands of French people took to the streets or took to the roundabouts in France, a plural denunciation of the same feeling of downgrading.

Through her petition “for lower fuel prices at the pump”, Priscillia Ludosky becomes one of the main incarnations of a historic mobilization alongside Eric Drouet, “neighbor” of a few kilometers, today at the antipodes ( read below ).

“The yellow vests are the irruption of civil society in the public debate,” she describes. A spontaneous movement of whistleblowers born on social networks. It is not a political thing. It is the translation of a fed up that was to explode one day or another. My petition got such an echo because people were fed up with it. The time had come. “

A child from the suburbs, marked by inequalities

Two years ago, this former editor of international guarantees had just reconverted as an aromatherapy consultant. A resident of Savigny-le-Temple (Seine-et-Marne), 40 km south-east of Paris, she denounced the meteoric increase in the amount of her full tank of diesel, which rose from 45 to 70 euros in one year. A fight that echoed in this Martinique to the one who left the Overseas Territories ten years earlier.

Paris, January 5, 2019. Priscillia Ludosky during the demonstration of yellow vests in Paris, act VIII. LP / Olivier Corsan

“I followed the big mobilizations of 2008-2009, during which people demonstrated – already – against the price of fuel, rewinds the person concerned. When I went to see my family in Martinique, I was always struck by the fact that life was more expensive there. I grew up being shocked by this. “

Daughter of a truck driver and a cashier and housewife, Priscillia Ludosky is also the product of a Parisian suburb of which she has “toured”. Native of Hauts-de-Seine, she grew up in Val-d’Oise, then living in Essonne, Seine-et-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis. “I attended four different high schools,” she illustrates. Having always lived in the suburbs, I am marked by inequalities. “

Very quickly, while the movement shakes the country and its government, the young woman understands that her criticisms of the carbon tax generate a misunderstanding. She, who left the banking sector for that of organic cosmetics, appears, and with her all the yellow vests, as impervious to ecological issues. It is not, at least in his case.

VIDEO. Yellow and green vests: same fight for Priscillia Ludosky and Cyril Dion

“I immediately heard in his speech the fact that there was a tax on fuel that was certainly unfair, but that it fought against injustice more than against the tax itself, slips the green MEP Marie Toussaint, whose petition “The Affair of the Century” had 2 million signatures denouncing the inaction of the State in the fight against global warming. I discovered it was a young black woman from the suburbs. I was amazed: it’s so rare to hear these voices. “

The two thirties meet for the first time in February 2019. From their meeting was born a book, “Together, we demand justice” (Florent Massots edition), built like a tour of France of “environmental violence”. “We were keen to show that our fights were not opposed, that we could reconcile ecology and social justice,” explains Marie Toussaint.

Paris, November 17, 2018. Priscillia Ludosky, here during the first mobilization of the yellow vests, is one of the initiators of the movement.  LP / Guillaume Georges
Paris, November 17, 2018. Priscillia Ludosky, here during the first mobilization of the yellow vests, is one of the initiators of the movement. LP / Guillaume Georges

In fact, the yellow vests represented by Eric Drouet and Priscillia Ludosky define in a few weeks demands “much broader”: citizens ‘initiative referendum, creation of a national citizens’ assembly, lower taxes on basic necessities …

If the first multiplies the comments and controversial acts – condemned for carrying a “baton” during a demonstration, he also called to “enter the Elysee” -, the second has a less divisive image and until then manages to stay away from controversies.

“I am not for violence but the government agrees with the violent”

“I have a positive opinion on the action of Priscillia, which is not the case for all the figures of the movement, greets François Boulo, Rouen lawyer and yellow vest from the start. Eric was a soloist in his way of doing things. By wanting to present to the Europeans, Ingrid Levavasseur did a lot of harm to the movement after doing it a lot of good. Priscillia Ludosky is quieter. She has fewer personal loopholes, fewer ego loopholes. “

The interested party confirms “a tendency to analyze things”. A character trait that served him to face the media solicitations, of the Parisian, from October 2018 … to the Financial Times! “When the media door opened, I had to take responsibility,” she says. As everything we say is analyzed or amplified, we must be convinced of what we are defending. But I am not an expert. What interests me is the debate. “

However, she believes that “nothing is done peacefully”. “I am not for violence but the government agrees with the violent: the only time Emmanuel Macron gave in is when people broke everything,” she notes. Conversely, the people stuck in the demonstrations were not in a posture of attack. I don’t blame those who think violence brings results. “

The entrepreneur multiplies the commitments and trips in France and abroad

From the “True debate” – response to the “Great debate” citizen wanted by Emmanuel Macron – to the citizens’ convention for the climate, passing by the conferences it gives on cyberstalking, police violence or activism at the time of the social networks, Priscillia Ludosky has been increasing commitments and traveling for two years.

“I have traveled a lot in France and abroad,” she says. I would go home in the evening to leave the next day. Before confinement, I had 2,500 unread emails! The entrepreneur put this period and her experience to good use by founding Nexus, a consulting company for whistleblowers.

“A lot of people ask me for help,” she says. I’m getting texts from people I don’t know who want to report things in their area. I decided to make it a separate activity from the yellow vests. How do you stay in your place when people come to you systematically? “

Asked, she was before the Europeans in May 2019. Her interlocutors, mostly anonymous, urged her to introduce herself. “It was harassment,” she laughs.

“Attempt of recovery”, in particular by France Insoumise

Political forces also tried to recruit her. What had led her to castigate the “tiring attempt at recovery” of these parties, La France rebellious in the lead. We understand that she is on the left. We ask him. “Based on what I said, I was classified at both extremes, she says. I refuse to be locked in a box. “

Get involved in politics? Unthinkable two years ago, the idea has since gained ground among one who describes herself as a “citizen lobbyist”. “Many yellow vests did not want to hear about it and yet, many made their entry into municipal councils,” she observes.

Seine-et-Marnaise sweeps away a possible presidential adventure. It would rather see itself participating in the designation of a candidate for 2022, who would take over a jointly constructed program. “To be kept on a leash, to be hooked to a party, it’s no,” she says. If I had to get involved, I would like not to have to do it in a partisan way. “

“She often finds the right words”

“She would make an excellent chosen one, nevertheless assures Marie Toussaint. Priscillia is spontaneous and naturally intelligent. She often finds the right words, those words that speak to citizens and that politicians have lost the habit of using. “

On Twitter, Priscillia Ludosky recently submitted a survey to her 24,000 subscribers. “Two years that I have refused all offers for political positions but also two years that all my candidacies in NGOs have been refused,” she deplores. I wanted to stay at bay, but politics seems to be inevitable. Can you help me decide? »Does she still need it?

Eric Drouet is heading towards the 2022 presidential election

The other figure in the Seine-et-Marne movement, Eric Drouet, announced his candidacy for the 2022 presidential election last month on a web TV. He did not respond to our requests. “It’s a way of approaching in a different way what we have been going through for almost two years. We saw that in the street, it did not work. Maybe there are alternatives and 2022 is coming very quickly, ”warns the Melunais who is preparing his program with polls on the Facebook page“ Le Peuple vers 2022 ”.

Passionate about tuning, this 35-year-old truck driver believes he is in a good position to “carry the word of the people”: “All the people I meet, whether forklift drivers, truck drivers… remember my name and thank me. “

Eric Drouet, who says he wants to be inspired by Coluche, wants to erase “the yellow vest label”. And closes the door to a rapprochement with political parties as well as with other yellow vests like Jérôme Rodrigues or Priscillia Ludosky, with whom relations have deteriorated.

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